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How to stop hair shedding / loss

How to stop hair shedding / loss

Hair Shedding is normal to a certain extent as we lose about 500 hairs a day. So if you keep a style in for a week you will see a lot of hairs by the time you decide to take it down. Do not be alarmed as the shed hairs had nowhere to go so now they can be let free. However, there is such a thing as excessive shedding. This happens when every time you comb your hair, hair falls out, there are hairs on the bathroom sink, on your clothes, around your work desk, and just everywhere. If you are suffering from this, here are 3 ways to combat it.

 1. Oil and Massage Your Scalp: - Massage your scalp daily with your favorite growth oil. Examples of oils that you can use are castor, rosemary, sesame seed, jojoba, and vitamin E. Massaging your scalp aids to promote blood circulation to the scalp. The blood transports nutrients using the red blood cells to the various areas of the body especially the scalp. This massaging technique will help to provide the scalp with nutrients faster so that it can absorb them to encourage hair growth. As well, the oils will give the scalp additional nutrients needed to promote faster hair growth.

  1. Do Black Tea Rinses: - Black Tea Rinses are a holy grail within the natural hair community for shedding/hair loss. The tea rinse protects the hair against DHT known as dihydrotestosterone. This is one of the hormones that is causing your hair and/or excessive shedding. The rinse will block it to prevent it from being produced. So that the hair that is growing can be held onto by the scalp. As well as keeping the growth phase of the hair cycle extended for longer periods. When making the black tea rinse, ensure that no sugar is in it. Also, ensure to let the rinse cool to a cooler temperature before applying it to the scalp (so you don’t burn yourself). The key here is to massage it into the scalp to ensure that the follicles absorb it as well as encouraging blood circulation.
  1. Take Vitamins – In our previous blog post, we mentioned a couple of vitamins and supplements that you can take for your hair growth. Examples of supplements that you can take are Vitamin D, Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin B and seamoss. These will also help to stop/prevent shedding and/or hair loss. Each of the vitamins previously mentioned provides the scalp with the nutrients needed to fight free radicals, encourage blood circulation as well as keep the scalp smooth. All of which are needed to bring the scalp into a healthy state. Once in a healthy state, your scalp will be able to function efficiently and effectively.

To stop your hair from shedding hairs unnecessarily is not an overnight success. You may have to use all of the measures stated so that they work in conjunction with each other. Or, you can do one step and be consistent with it. To see the most success you have to be consistent with these techniques.

 Let us know in the comments which method works well for you.

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