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Sample wash day routine for natural hair

Sample wash day routine for natural hair


A wash day routine is a guide to how you will prep your hair for the upcoming week ahead. You have to ensure that your hair is not only clean but moisturized and styled for the days to come. To make it easier on you we’ve provided a quick and easy step-by-step wash day routine for you to follow.

PREPOO: - PREPOO is applying oil to your entire head of hair before shampooing.

 It will reduce the harsh stripping effect of the shampoo on your hair. It acts as a barrier between the natural oils on your scalp and hair. So, the shampoo will remove the excess oil, product, dirt, and debris.

 SHAMPOO – Next, we follow up with the SHAMPOO.

 Shampooing is done to cleanse the scalp ONLY. The key is to use a sulfate-free shampoo that will not dry out the scalp and hair. Therefore, it will prevent unnecessary breakage and tangles that could occur from shampooing. After massaging the shampoo into your scalp, rinse thoroughly. The mixture will run across the hair shaft to cleanse it as well.

 CONDITION – Then, we CONDITION in sections.

 Conditioner helps to replenish the hair with hydration that was removed while shampooing.

 Also, it softens the hair so that the hair is easier to detangle. Detangle each section using any of the following tools: comb, brush, or your fingers. The key is to look for the ingredient “Cetearyl” alcohol in the product. This is the softening agent that gives the product the “Slip” that we know and love.

DEEP CONDITION – Next, we DEEP CONDITION using heat for a specified time.

Deep conditioners are made with fortifying ingredients such as oils, butters, fatty acids, and water. All of which can penetrate the hair shaft to impart the minerals needed for your hair. The indirect heat will allow the cuticles to be raised so that the minerals can seep into the hair strand. Deep conditioning will provide an extra layer of hydration to your curls. As well as, nourish, strengthen, and repair every hair strand. Ensure to let your deep conditioner sit in your hair so that it has time to penetrate the hair. This doesn’t have to be for 60 minutes; however, it should not be for less than 15 minutes.

HYDRATE – Then, we follow up with hydrating our hair for the week ahead.

 The best hydration for our hair is water. The water molecules from the H20 will attach along with every hair strand. You can use a spray bottle of room temperature water. Other alternatives are aloe vera juice, coconut water, or a water-based moisturizer.

SEAL – Next, we seal using oils and/or butter.

Both of which will trap the h20 molecules that are on the hair strand. So, they can stay LOC’d in for the length of the hairstyle. This method which uses liquid (L), oil (O), and butter/cream (C) is commonly referred to as the LOC/LCO method.

STYLE: - And finally we style.

You can style using butters or gels. It all depends on the style that you are trying to achieve. If you want a style that will have hold, then gels are better. For example, wash and go’s, twist outs, rod sets, sleek buns, or braid outs. However, if you want a style with a soft hold, then butter is a suitable alternative. For example, braid outs, twist outs, three-strand twist outs, or puffs. Whichever style you choose, don’t forget to accessorize with our Afrocentric earrings. They will emphasize the look and feel of your overall style.

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