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Vitamins and Supplements for Healthy Natural Hair

Vitamins and Supplements for Healthy Natural Hair

Vitamins and Supplements for Healthy Natural Hair

Vitamins and Supplements are recommended by most medical practitioners to be consumed as a part of our daily diet. It has been proven that we don’t consume a lot of food from a variety of sources needed to provide the body with the wealth of vitamins and minerals that it needs. So, we supplement using different multivitamins pills and gummies. For our hair, it is the last place to get nutrients from the foods we eat along with our skin and fingernails. IF we are not eating enough, then what will our hair get?

 Exactly – NOTHING.

 In today’s posit we will be sharing a list of vitamins and supplements to promote healthy hair:

 1. VITAMIN B – Vitamin B is the first on our list because from it you will get BIOTIN.

 Yes, we all have heard about biotin and the tremendous growth that you can receive from it. Also, we have heard about the negatives that come with taking biotin as well. However, beware if you are taking excess then there are side effects. It is wise to receive a doctor’s recommendation to take biotin before taking matters into your hand. Vitamin B aids in promoting healthy hair growth because it creates red blood cells. These cells are the cells that carry oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream to the well-needed areas. Once your scalp receives the nutrients, it can produce faster and healthier hair growth.

2. VITAMIN E – Next, we have vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which means it prevents oxidative stress. In other terms, it prevents the scalp from becoming a place that is harbouring the growth of free radicals. The radicals are what are causing severe scalp issues such as the itchy scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, and even alopecia. Also, it will keep the scalp calm as it can fight any microorganisms that will harbour the growth of your hair. Vitamin E will allow your scalp to be in a condition so that it will grow hair to its ultimate potential.

3. ZINC – Zinc is an important vitamin that aids in repairing. The important areas of our hair for hair growth is our hair follicles. Are they working sufficiently to produce hair growth? Can they produce hair or oil needed to coat the new growth? If you are experiencing hair loss, then zinc deficiency is a common symptom of it. Zinc contains minerals needed to infiltrate the scalp to go directly to the follicles to help it to heal. Also, it aids in tissue growth and repair to the scalp and hair follicles. Once all is well on the scalp, your hair and scalp is able to work assiduously to produce healthy hair growth.

 4. VITAMIN D – Now I know what you’re thinking isn’t Vitamin D related to the sun? Yes, it is however it is great for our hair also. This doesn’t mean that you should let your hair out in the sun all the time. Studies have shown that a low level of VITAMIN D is linked to hair loss. Vitamin D plays a similar role in strengthening, rebuilding, and creating new follicles on the scalp. So, there are more opportunities for your hair to grow to Its desired length.

5.  SEA MOSS - Sea moss is an excellent multivitamin.  It has 90+ out of the 102 vitamins and minerals that your body needs.  You can purchase the raw sea moss and make your own gel or purchase the gel

So these are some great vitamins and supplements to help your hair grow and retain length.  Comment down below, do you take any vitamins or supplements for hair growth?

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