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Adinkra Symbol Wooden Earrings | Afrocentric Earrings | Natural Hair Earrings | Afrocentric Jewelry

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Go a little deeper into your African roots, with these Ashanti Adinkra symbols from Ghana. They are simple, elegant, are about 2 inches in size, and made from natural wood. You can wear them on any simple casual outfit. You definitely won't go wrong with these.


"yellow flowered plant"

This is the adinkra symbol of jealousy and envy

"When the fofo's petals drop, they turn into black spiky-like seeds. The Akan liken the nature of this plant to a jealous person." 
- The Adinkra Dictionary by W. Bruce Willis

The Akan proverb associated with this symbol states: "What the fofo plant wishes is that the gyinantwi seeds turn black."

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